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The benefits

Why choose fiber?

To put it simply, Fiber is the future. With the massive rollout of residential fiber, it is making it easier for South Africans to have stable and fast internet at home unlike the old ADSL days…

  • Online Gaming

    With low latency on fiber say goodbye to respawning often.

  • Music & Video

    With purely uncapped internet you can stream music and video for as long as you want!

  • Online Schooling

    With the new norm you can learn and teach using online classrooms in the comfort of your own home.

  • Home Office

    Paying for fiber at home is alot cheaper than renting office space. With the stability of fiber this enables us to work in the comfort of our home.

  • Fiberboy

    No buffering, no problem

    4K Streaming

    200Mbps uncapped lines from R1099
  • Fiberboy

    Reduce the lag


    1Gbps uncapped lines from R1499
  • Fiberboy

    Avoid distraction

    Online School

    50Mbps uncapped lines from R699
  • Fiberboy

    Roam free


    25Mbps uncapped lines from R599
  • Fiberboy

    Easy 9 – 5

    Home Office

    100Mbps uncapped lines from R899

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